4000 Islands – Laos

I got some back muscles problems while climbing, so I took a bus at the last minute from thatkhek to go south, to the 4000 islands.

It is basically the mekong river, that it’s huge, and when it is at its lowest level during the dry season there are literally 4000 islands, most of them are just 2-3 meters of sand and some plants.

I spent the whole night on the bus, trying to sleep, so I got here (with 3 others) just in time for the sunrise.

2014-02-15 06.34.59


Everything here is… I don’t know how to describe it. some picture will do the job better that a thousand words.

Just in front of my bungalow someone is cutting the grass…

2014-02-15 15.16.55

2014-02-15 15.17.29


And someone just set the alarm

2014-02-15 16.09.01


Since I intended to stay just one day, I was not sure about what to do. There is not much if you only have 6 hours.

The original plan was to get a bicycle and take a ride around don det (the main and most famous island).

I’ glad I changed plans.

I went for a swim in the mekong (i’m so out of training)

2014-02-15 16.26.04


And then I took a walk inside the island, far from the restaurants and bars

2014-02-15 16.28.53

2014-02-15 16.39.21


Tomorrow I have 10 hours in a bus to go to phnom phen, the capital of Cambodia.

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