Eating a plate of Ants and larvs with the locals – Thakhek

How is eating a plate of rice, ants and larvs in a village in Lao ?Ā  you’ ll discover here.

I’ve been climbing in Thakhek for a while. During a rest day we decided to take a walk in the countryside.

We found a very nice viewpoint, just above a lao village

2014-02-13 12.47.25


It’a a shame that (as all around South East Asia) they throw rubbish everywhere

2014-02-13 12.47.32

So it looked like this

2014-02-13 12.47.45


We decided to take a walk in the village, and see if it was possible to eat something. Very friendly people. Everyone greeting us, just saying hello, or sabai dee (hello in lao), everyone smiling. I’d love that it would be like this in Europe or in the western world (sometimes people you know since you were young don’t even say Hi or Hey).

lao village


A few 5-7 years old girls also yelled some “I love you” to us šŸ˜‰

A group of guys, with all the family and childrens, were drinking beers (not the childrens) and they invited us. Would this ever happen in the western world?

We sat with them, they tried to speak some english, we tried to speak some lao and some thai (my thai is about 50-100 words, so I can say a few basic things), it ended in a lot of laughters, with one the guys putting beer non-stop in our glasses.

Someone new arrived, with a bowl, that was apparently rice. It was a mixture of rice, white larvs and red ants (the big one that bites).

The ants were still alive, and they were trying to escape from the bowl. When they were on the ledge, one of those guys was pusching it back inside, take a handful of (don’t know how to call this dish) and eat it.

Of course they offered to us…



Guillame (my french friend) keep saying that they had a sour taste. I didn’t feel any particular taste other than the rice. I think it was more the idea of chewing larvs and living ants than the taste itself.

If you’re wondering about it… no diarrea the day after… I’m always more convinced that I’m immune form stomach sickness since the day i was so sick to have fever (and gotĀ antibiotics)

…another nice experience made in laos

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