What to expect from Bangkok

What to expect from Bangkok?

It’s probably the tenth time I’m in bangkok, or more. When you travel in south east asia Bangkok is one of the mayor cities, and has one of the cheapest airports.

The city is pretty much the same as 2 years ago. The best area to stay in (if you like parties) is khao san road, where you can find a lot of bars, and a market with all the stupid gadgets you (don’t) need.

2014-02-21 22.30.16

Street food is nice, but not as nice as the gorgeous fried chichek cashewnut (gai pad med mamuen) I got at orange’s, a little restaurant in the main road.

Just behind a cart that was serving pad thai there was a little friend…

2014-02-21 21.51.51

2014-02-21 21.51.25

Just for reference, this time I found out about donna guesthouse, a nice, clean and quiet place 1 minute walking from khao san.  for 380 THB I got an aircon double room.

I was curios about the riots that recently happened in the city.

While walking around the city we saw this something that wasn’t cool at all

2014-02-21 23.20.37

2014-02-21 23.13.57


A woman told me that 2 people died (and a lot were injured) just 2 days before I shot those pictures, while the police was trying to get again control of some occupied roads.

They were playing music and making a party in the occupied spot…

2014-02-21 23.06.59


And they had some satyric images:

2014-02-21 23.10.19


The problem is basically due to the corruption in the thai government, and the population want some guys away. What should we do in Italy then?

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